Liberate Your Wild Soul, Create Your Life

As an intentional creativity coach, I invite you to discover and journey through the sacred gateways of your wild soul through intentional creativity® and sacred arts.  I love to illuminate and spark the brilliance and beauty within you seeking expression, to connect you to the world of limitless possibility within your visionary heart,  to empower you to paint your dreams and deepest longings into being, and deepen your connection to the Sacred. Through creative process, sacred practices, embodied movement, ancient wisdom and playing with wild, joyful freedom, you will not only be painting a canvas, but creating your life as a soul-filled masterpiece.

You can blossom your sacred creativity and authentic WOWness through live retreats, on-line classes, brief and focused explorations with me, and in-depth one-on-one immersions. I also offer self-study-and-grow options and resources for your treasure hunt into your creativity.

The offerings on this site are for Intentional Creativity Coaching, not psychotherapy.

Live Retreats

I offer full-day, weekend, and week-long intentional creativity® retreats focused on self-care, self-pleasure and nourishing your creative soul in a time-out-of-time soulful journey through painting, inquiry and community. Not only do you create an awesome work of soul art, you bring the art of  who you are more fully into your life.

Online Immersions

Radical Amazement Living Arts Academy. I will be offering courses and training in understanding, healing, creating, and living your life and relationships with artistry, awe, and loving-kindness using the Tree of Life as your map, your heart as your compass.

Bursts of Dancing

Are you looking for ways to spark your creativity? Would you love to creatively express and claim a vision and plan for your work, relationships or personal growth? Are you seeking to gain clarity and answers that come in the language of color and symbol? I invite you to come dance with paints and markers with me.

One on One Deep Diving

Are you feeling the call for some deep, alchemical work to heal across dimensions, leap forward in your life, and make shifts happen? Are you seeking a more loving relationship with yourself? Are you ready to honor your heart's desires?

Free Resources

Come check out this page periodically for new and interesting links, quick creativity energizers, and other goodies to spark your day, your heart, and your creative soul.

Kind Words

A few months back, I happened to spot a picture on Facebook of Havi’s creation, “Our Lady of Rebirth & Renewal.” I instantly fell in love and contacted Havi to request one for my office. As a Healing Arts Practitioner, I was drawn to the beauty of her face and all the detail that went into this piece. It spoke volumes. It also radiates out into my healing room and every client that visits comments on her incredibly powerful Mother energy. Not a day goes by when I don’t stop and gaze at my painting. I’m grateful and to Havi for unleashing the artist within and for sharing her works so that others may gain the benefit of incredible talents.  ~ May peace be with you. 

Rev. Amy Barilla, RMT

Pediatric Reiki Master

The flow of Havi’s gentle spirit is evident in her art and creative process. Havi encourages herself and others to live lives of beauty and purpose. She offers safe space for personal process, allowing each to discover their own unfolding.
~Kelly Morrison, Creative Life Mentor, WA.

Kelly Morrison

Creative Life Mentor

I love Havi's energy, she has done Reiki a few times on me and put me, body & mind,  prepared for what was needed, day surgery both times. As for her as a teacher.... so wonderful

Ellie Martin


Your art is so powerful and beautiful that it touches my heart and soul in its deepest places and makes my eyes water with pride and joy!

Miriam Brysk, Ph.D.

Biochemist, Artist, My Mom 🙂

I have known, studied, and worked with Havi Mandell for over seven years. She is one of the most extraordinary persons I have ever had the good fortune to know. I am always amazed at how, while strong in her own faith, she truly and sincerely honors, encourages, and totally supports others, making it possible for us to apply what she has to offer and to grow in our own individual walks of faith.  
Besides the fact that she just happens to be brilliant, and comes with the lineage and traditions from which the Tree of Life springs, she has personally studied in depth and is well schooled in all that she teaches. And most important, she lives it.
Her meditations surpass that of all others I have experienced, and the depth and width of her respect and understanding of the Tree of Life brings such light and revelation that even those of us who have studied it for years, are in awe of how further transformation is awakened in us to powerfully bear yet more wondrous fruit. 

Caron McCloud

Poet, Author, Scholar