Live Retreats

For those of you who enjoy the special group energy one receives gathering live and in color with others to create, explore, unwind and jump into creative play and deep expression, I offer live retreats. These range from mini-retreats (half-day) to three-day retreats. I invite you to sign up on my mailing list if you want to be sure to be notified of upcoming retreats.

Halloween Retreat

You are invited to a Halloween Retreat. Come dressed in a costume that rocks your Super Power Self and get ready to paint through the veils in your life and invite the wisdom and blessings of your ancestors and spirits on to your canvas.  We will be making and painting masks with sacred intent and bringing your Mask of Power to the canvas, creating a sacred gateway and altar to Deep Wisdom and Empowerment.

Tree of Life
acrylic on canvas
20" x 30"

Tree of Life Retreat

Sonoma, California

A three-day retreat connecting with the Tree of Life and the Sacred Feminine

Soul Scribbling Safari

We will be actively exploring and safari-ing into that THING ®  that has been beating mightily on your inner door, bringing it alive in the vast and glorious jungle of your canvas in symbols, colors, words, questions, finger splashes, debates…  scribbling freely and wildly until the Portal of Possibility in the Painting jettisons that THING ® from inside out and your badass Muse can get the sparks flying, the elements humming, and magic created.