Havi Mandell

As an artist, I seek out the sparks that awaken my soul, expressing an essence that is the interweaving of my inner world dancing with the outer world.

Painting is my prayer, my celebration of embodied spirit engaged in life.

I need to move when I paint, to dance my fingers into the paints and over the canvas, to be filled with the joy of this treasure hunt into my soul’s expression and the ongoing creation and re-creation of my life.

La Philosophe

When I was very young, my family called me “la philosophe” (the philosopher), because I have always been a deep see diver...a visionary and empath seeking to illuminate essences. I have always loved the kabbalistic stories of Divine Shards created when Divine Light poured in to create the world. The Light was so immense that it shattered the receiving vessels, and our role is to reveal these hidden sacred sparks in those shards that fill creation through acts of loving-kindness and service to the Divine. My art and healing work are my service and flow from my heart.


For me, painting helps clear away the dust, dirt, and illusions that keep me from seeing the Divine Sparks. As I paint, glimpses of the Divine are revealed. I am not even sure how…sometimes, there is an image that flashes, sometimes a word or thought or, most often, it feels like invisible threads of connection light up and I am suddenly seeing things in a new light, a new way.  I realize the ways the pieces are all part of the whole and all contain the whole.  Through an open and receiving heart and intimate prayer painting, I gather these sparks and fly to levels of connection to Source that set my heart on fire and my soul to flight.

I am a WTF (Wildness, Truth and Freedom) artist; liberating the wild truth and essence of an experience or expression of my soul into my paintings as energetic containers, sacred portals into a deeper, wilder dance of spirit.

My map is the Tree of Life, my compass is my heart, my process is intentional creativity® and inspired painting.

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Our wounds are the seeds for healing

As a child of Holocaust survivors, I believe that within our wounds are the seeds for healing. For me, the heart-wrenching awareness of destructive ugliness brought out my soul’s longing for beauty.

My path of healing has been through painting. I love to dance my fingers and brushes over my cosmic canvas to reveal and celebrate the sacredness hidden in the mundane, the Beauty in the brokenness.

I paint to free wildness and truth and invite them to shine and grow as a kaleidoscopically blossoming adventure.

My intention is that my art will be a gateway, an alchemical altar, that awakens people to liberate the Beauty within and around them.

I often paint the Sacred Feminine and all She represents.

I paint and teach using Intentional Creativity®, a process I learned from Maestra Shiloh Sophia McCloud . It weaves together prayer, symbolism, and layers of energetic and creative processes, opening to the transformative power of creativity. I have been teaching Intentional Creativity® online to hundreds of wonderful women over the past seven years and each experience has been truly magical. My art has been exhibited in a number of juried shows in Las Vegas and was part of two presentations at the United Nations. I have created a physical gallery and studio of the soul, Growthspring Healing & Creative Arts, at New Orleans Square. It is a space for art, healing, therapy, retreats, coaching, and joy.

Art and the art of teaching

Informing my art and teaching are many years in service as a psychotherapist and shamanic practitioner specializing in creative process and trauma, healing work as a reiki master and polarity therapist, years of study and teaching of Intentional Creativity® and the Kabbalah, retreat coach certification, and intentional creativity coaching and teaching certification. I have a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with an interdisciplinary specialty in Art.