Brief, Powerful, Sparking Soul Safaris in Intentional Creativity®

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Join me for a few hours to spark your creativity and express your soul. Create a Vision Book for one of your heart's desires. Paint a Celebration Canvas with beloveds for a new marriage, new baby or other life event. Claim your soul qualities and heal and empower yourself in living color through art. Create space for your Inner Wisdom to be given a voice. Have an Intentional Creativity® Painting Party. Bring people together in your organization for creative team-building and creative sparking of new ideas!
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Intentional Creativity® offers a wonderful integration of right and left brain to bring vision into form.  Vision Books are a way to visually, through word and symbol, bring clarity to intentions and paths to the realization of  your dreams. They are powerful tools for manifesting your heart's desires for the year ahead or a specific project or for co-creating with a beloved.

Celebration Canvases are ways for a couple to create a marital vow painting or for guests celebrating an event to create together a big, lasting, beautiful, and meaningful canvas of love and blessings in word and image for a new child or life event.

Intentional Creativity® is a powerful and fun way to bring together people in your organization, spiritual community, or other group to share visions, create together, and spark new ideas.

There are many powerful and magical ways to engage in brief soul safaris on paper or canvas to claim qualities, heal issues, and empower yourself.

Who is this program created for?

There is a nudgey little voice inside that has been carrying your treasure chest of dreams and of desires that glimmer and shine inside that is oh-so-ready to come out and play and be seen. You feel that push, that sense of a new path ahead or adventure to be had . Your creative heart longs to give it color and form and life.

Or... you are celebrating some wonderful new part of your life's journey that is blossoming: a new union, a new baby, a new path in your work in the world, or a personal victory that deserves to be celebrated in a way that is creative, beautiful, and fun. You would love to create an offering, a shining and colorful way to memorialize that event shared and co-created with other beloveds.

Or...you are seeking to breathe new life, team-building, and creative ideas into your family, spiritual group, organization or work environment.

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Individual Vision Book

Group Vision Book

Beloved Canvas

Community Canvas

Soulfire Session

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What others have said about it

Havi brings an amazingly gentle and insightful touch to her teaching, painting, and healing work. When I first met Havi, I sensed this brilliant healing light radiating from her. Her presence comforted and held me. The way in which she dives into her paintings as explorations of her own healing inspires and motivates me to do the same. She is entirely present when she works with me, listening to every word with an open heart empowering me to move forward and through the challenges facing me.  Annette Wagner, Artist and Teacher

You have helped me tremendously! I’ve been expressing myself with watercolor and ink in my journal. I was thinking about taking a weekend away. While thinking about where to go, I realized that the best place I’ve been is to your office! Or where I’ve been while in your office.  You provide wonderful vacations with surprise guests! Beautiful feelings come upon me.
~Heidi Keesling, artist