Healing Arts

After receiving the Rising Star some amazing things began to develop within one week. At first, I forgot all about receiving this, then I remembered that it would work its way in each chakra as needed. Well, I can’t believe how this has changed my life! I was ill with a long-standing problem and found answers immediately after asking Creator.  I looked at my life differently:  my home life, my finances and my spiritual side.  All seemed to fall into place. This ride has been one miracle after another.
~K.L., holistic healer

Probably the single most transformative experience I’ve had working with Havi has been the DNA activation. It was immensely powerful. I began feeling lighter and more positive and peaceful. Definitely more empowered! Since then, the depression I experienced even while on meds seems to have left me. I’ve never felt so balanced and empowered. It’s like being blind or deaf and suddenly having those senses given to you.
~ Virginia Cowie, poet and reiki master

Havi is a wonderful, brilliant, heart centered Leader and Healer. She will help you light the way.
~Todd Stockwell, Guide, Healer, Visionary Leader, M