Healing Arts

Integrative healing and energetic work can raise our vibration, clear limiting beliefs, heal heart wounds, and open our creative channels and life force to infuse our lives with clarity, vision, and direction. I offer integrative healing modalities to address all of you: mind, body, spirit, creativity and relationships.

Rising Star

SriRisingStarFrom Rising Star Creator Derek O'Neill: "The Rising Star is an extraordinarily powerful system sourced from an ancient Tibetan lineage. It works by directing energy through the client’s chakra system, working on the five elements; fire, water, air, earth and ether, so that your entire being can start to balance and heal. A single treatment starts to raise the vibration of the human energy field, to hold more life force energy, so it can rebalance the body."

24 Strand DNA Activation

Your DNA contains the blueprint for who you are as a Divine Being and your life purpose and divine potentialities. It defines the uniqueness of you for it contains the encoded information regarding your physical and spiritual lineage. This information determines your physical form, hereditary maladies, mental proclivities, emotional and behavioral patterns, spiritual gifts, and more.

Some of the benefits of 24 Strand DNA Activation :

  • Enables you to bring in and hold more Light in your physical body
  • Empowers you to maximize your potential to bring forth unrealized talents and abilities
  • Gives you more energy and clarity, and better connection with your Higher Self
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Assists in releasing of unconscious patterns
  • Increases your ability to use more of your brain
  • Facilitates clearing of family and genetic karmic patterns
Shamanic and Creative Energetic Healing

I can “see” where someone’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies are strong , bright, and vital, and where they are weakened, dark, or frayed and co-creatively work with that person to choreograph him/her into a dance of health, harmony, beauty, and power. I am an artist of shamanic energy work, intuitive spiritual counseling, journeying, and healing work grounded in shamanic teachings to empower an individual to reclaim his/her joy, health, power and purpose with harmony and grace.

The work includes luminous fiber work, guided journeying, co-creative healing,  psychic surgery, work with crystals and stones, energy work, work with power animals and guides, and soul retrieval. I also weave in the energy healing modalities of  polarity therapy, cranial sacral therapy, Usui and Lightarian reiki, expressive arts therapies, and intuitively guided work.

Integrative Healing and Therapy

I am a transpersonal and humanistic therapist with over thirty-five years of experience as a trauma therapist with an interdisciplinary specialization in art and creative process. I have worked for many years with body therapies, EFT, ZPoint Process and Kabbalah. I am devoted to helping others create their lives as masterpieces of joy: uncovering multi-dimensional pathways to alchemize old patterns and creatively move individuals into their fullest potential, meaningful living, and self-sovereignty.

After receiving the Rising Star some amazing things began to develop within one week. At first, I forgot all about receiving this, then I remembered that it would work its way in each chakra as needed. Well, I can’t believe how this has changed my life! I was ill with a long-standing problem and found answers immediately after asking Creator.  I looked at my life differently:  my home life, my finances and my spiritual side.  All seemed to fall into place. This ride has been one miracle after another.
~K.L., holistic healer

Probably the single most transformative experience I’ve had working with Havi has been the DNA activation. It was immensely powerful. I began feeling lighter and more positive and peaceful. Definitely more empowered! Since then, the depression I experienced even while on meds seems to have left me. I’ve never felt so balanced and empowered. It’s like being blind or deaf and suddenly having those senses given to you.
~ Virginia Cowie, poet and reiki master

Havi is a wonderful, brilliant, heart centered Leader and Healer. She will help you light the way.
~Todd Stockwell, Guide, Healer, Visionary Leader, M